An adorable cougar cub, with the text “Cougar going to the moon…” and some beautiful Kanji
An adorable cougar cub donated by a Japanese member of our Pride. I can hear it purring…

Can Speculation Save Lives?

Cougar Coin


This is a question that I have always wanted an answer for, is there a way to hack greed to make the world a better place? A lifetime of searching led me to Cryptocurrency and joining the Cougar Coin Pride in their experiments towards achieving this.

An awesome cougar head atop a cougar skeleton torso. The NFT is animated.
Our Pride’s first NFT donation, the full piece is animated.

COUGAR is a community-driven Defi Token; it had a fair launch on April 28, 2021, with the intention of helping the Cougar Foundation build a land bridge over the 101 highway in Los Angeles to save over 500 cougars (and cars) every year!

The Cougar foundation has been delegated a wallet with 15% of the liquidity, and at least $1000 a day ($15,000 in total at the time of edit) has been donated to the foundation.

Your standard Los Angeles cougar, holding the clean wrapper of a delicious local treat.

Ownership of the token has been renounced to the Pride, so the situation is hardcoded not to change from what is in this article.


Total supply — 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Initial Burn — 500,000,000,000,000,000

Locked Dev Wallet — 50,000,000,000,000,000

COUGAR employs 4 functions:

1% Reflection

1% Burn

2% LP Acquisition

6% Charity

Each trade and transfer is taxed at a 10% fee.

Once the Dev wallet is unlocked the team will have more funding to put into the existing marketing plans that our investors have enjoyed as well as plunging further into our next level plans to leverage our worldwide artists' alliance and blockchain gaming to fund more charity projects.

As breathing humans excited about cryptocurrency we know how hard it is to prove that even something as ubiquitous as Bitcoin isn’t a scam, so we decided to put our money where our mouth is and donate not only $15,000 to the NWF but (the others as well) and hold giveaways of awesome merchandise to give even our crypto phobic supporters physical totems to remember this period at the beginning of our growth.

A glorious image of a predator cat eating a doge, I can get lost in its eyes…

Cougar’s Artists’ Alliance

Conventional lives did not lead our team to the point of needing to write this article for over 16,000 investors. While we are based in the United States, collectively we have met artists from around the world that have been waiting for this kind of opportunity to turn their ideas into real change for society.

This alliance is creating art for us to sell in NFT auctions, with 50% going to the artist and 50% going to charity. We also encourage any members of our Pride to submit any still images, videos, music, poetry, and whatever they may do to the cause. All of the art in this article was donated by this alliance.

A majestic cougar considering how to cross an active California highway…

As NFTs are not limited to still images our goal is to have a platform that artists of all types can use to support themselves on the art that they believe in while helping to further the causes that they believe in.

The cougars didn’t ask us to build a city around them, the least that we can do is coexist in peace…

Blockchain Gaming

Decades of gaming and programming experience have placed our Pride’s Development team at the perfect point to achieve our dreams of crafting an interactive experience that can improve the lives of its players on multiple levels.

Many independent 2D games today are built with a deeper meaning behind their concepts that can unlock one's belief in achieving seemingly impossible tasks within their own life.

The platformer Celeste is a great example of achieving that goal through each part of its medium. Playing the Ethereum game Axie Infinity has inspired us to take things a step further and also monetarily benefit the people kind enough to invest their time into our worlds.

At Cougar Coin we believe that blockchain gaming is a strong answer to the current economic system’s refusal to provide enough jobs with a living wage to the people that keep it running. With this belief in mind, we are currently in the development of a game that will allow its players to earn an income while also donating money to the cause of their choice.

This project is a pragmatic engine for generating wealth while distributing 6% of fees and 50% of the profits of NFT sales from that wealth generation to improve the world around itself. Imagine a world where degenerates are the heroes…

Even the king of the concrete jungle can use a little help sometimes…

…Imagine a warm California night a few years from now. Someone is driving under the land bridge on the 101 on the way to Downtown Los Angeles playing music that we released to their children in the backseat. One child is playing one of our games on their phone, with their other child watching a movie we supported on their phone.

Instead of having to take their eyes off of the other cars on the road and worrying about hitting a 200 lb cat or swerving away from it and hitting another car traumatizing and possibly hurting their kids in an accident, ruining their night and insurance rates, this parent can focus on the drive home and the bills they got in the car with.

Can speculation save lives? Our Pride staking our futures on our belief that the answer is YES!